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That's why Bible Studies for Life: Adults is intentionally designed to help your groups make disciples through: Get free video training on how discipleship happens in and through everyday life.

But while it's a great way to welcome people, it will never help them grow as disciples.

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Colon cancer survivor Robert Fry says becoming a volunteer with the American Cancer Society’s Road To Recovery program has changed his life forever.

He says, “My mission, my passion is to do my part in helping cancer patients by driving them to their treatments.” Surgeons at 15 medical centers in the US have compared the outcomes of robotic surgery to traditional open surgery for bladder cancer.

By focusing on layers of comfort with your bed linens, you can improve a full third of your life in subtle and noticeable ways.

This checklist will help you create more than a soft place to land.

Focusing on notes of aesthetics, comfort, quality materials, and finer details like breathability and durability, let's build the bedspread of your dreams.

Before you dive into fine details, let's start a little higher on most people's priority list – style!

This is also a good place to start building your beautiful bedding set based on your climate, represented in differences in thickness between the three.

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