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I strongly suspect that most casting directors are still casting Jewish roles based on a vaguely “Semitic” look and have not caught up with the changing face of “Jewish beauty.” Joshua Bell, 39, has long been acclaimed as one of the best and most exciting violinists in the world.

Early last month, Bell was given the ,000 Avery Fisher Prize, presented by the family of the late Avery Fisher, the Jewish founder of the famous Fisher Stereo company and a great patron of the arts.

Lipton was as willowy a WASP-looking blonde as you can find and that look served her well in the ’60s.

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It’s a complex, thrilling deeply personal communication that can leave us permanently rearranged.” Bell is the son of a non-Jewish father and a Jewish mother.

While he was raised without religion, he has made it clear in a number of interviews that he considers himself “culturally Jewish.” In his acceptance speech, he recalled his family’s musical connections: his mother Shirley and his aunt Esther playing four-hand piano and his uncle Yitz, a clarinet player.

These grants help young American classical musicians start a career.

Actress Glenn Close said as she presented the prize to Bell at Lincoln Center, ”One of Joshua’s great gifts is that although he may be performing in a huge auditorium packed with hundreds or even thousands of people, each member of that audience feels as if they were the only person in the room.

Bell was choked up with emotion as he said, referring to the Avery Fisher Prize, “This is my Bar Mitzvah.

I never had a Bar Mitzvah.” Last November, TBS premiered the original sit-com “Ten Items or Less.” The five-episode series was a hit with critics and audiences and will be back this summer.

Rashida Jones, who is gaining fame as Karen on NBC’s “The Office,” is the daughter of musical legend Quincy Jones and Jewish actress Peggy Lipton of “Mod Squad” fame.

To no one’s surprise, magazine named her one of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World.

REUTERS/Fred Prouser People magazine recently came out with their annual “100 Most Beautiful People in the World” issue.

Five of the persons judged the most beautiful were actresses with interfaith backgrounds: Rashida Jones, and Zoe Kravitz.

I am not sure what to make of this without going off into all sorts of sociological tangents. First, there are a lot more persons of mixed Jewish and non-Jewish ancestry around today than 25 years ago. Also, I think that these five actresses demonstrate that American film/TV standards of beauty are a lot more wide-open than they were a generation or so ago when casting directors obviously favored actresses of clear Northern European ancestry, those with what was considered the “All-American look.” Johansson, whose American mother is of Eastern European Jewish ancestry and whose father is a Danish non-Jew, has the blonde bombshell look that long has been a casting director and American public favorite.

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