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READ MORE CELEBRITY NEWS Lisa later admits that they’d actually met several years earlier when they both appeared on This Morning but John doesn’t remember it.

Faves are like Twitter’s version of a browsing history, and you can learn a LOT about someone from theirs.

That nice guy who slid in your DMs to talk about the importance of ‘smashing the patriarchy’ might be hiding a cache of shower selfies in his favourites tab. In the last two years, I’d say the vast majority of first dates I’ve been on were with people I’d met on Twitter.

So today, I wanted to put forward a case for Twitter being not only a great place to meet potential partners, but the ~best~ place. You brought up the fact that you’ve got a persistent yeast infection, and tried out some of your more blue humour? Tinder might go the extra mile, using mutual Facebook friends as a sort of impromptu background check - “oh, this guy’s friends with ~that~ prick?

You confessed to only having one ex, who hates you with a passion, because you cheated on them with their best friend? In fact, a recent poll from Chillisauce showed that ⅔ of us Brits will lie on the first date! *swipes left* - but for the most part you’re on your own.

Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to see what someone’s like on a daily basis. Check their RTs (and steer clear if they’ve ever endorsed Jim Davidson)! Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to see not only who your potential partner follows, but also who follows them and, most importantly of all, what tweets they’ve faved.

Sure, RTs may not mean endorsements, but they show that you’re willing to broadcast an aspect of your personality to the world, whether you’re sharing a joke, or spreading someone else being a dick.

The rest were a mixture of dating apps, and friends of friends. We didn’t need to tiptoe around topics, wondering if the other was into them, because WE’D SEEN EACH OTHER TALKING ABOUT THEM! Shared our favourite accounts and mentioned our mutuals. ” grasping for common interests you get in ‘traditional’ dates.

In my experience, the dates generated from social media were FAR better. Conversation was easy PRECISELY because we’d met on social media. Seriously, social dating is the dating of the future.

There’s no romance at this stage and Lisa admits that John scared her on the show. He was brilliant and gave us all tips so you didn’t want to let him down,’ she reveals. John and I always got on, but I never thought about me and him.’ At the National Television Awards in London on 26 January 2011, Lisa Faulkner and John Torode attend together but they’re still just friends.

‘All I could think was, “That sauce hasn’t worked”. Both split from their partners later in the year and it is speculated that they’ve started dating in late 2012.

She later reveals that it was John who made the first move.

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