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Yes, the same Evelyn Lozada who’s marriage to former NFL wideout Chad Ochocinco lasted less time than the Kim Kardashian- Kris Humphries marriage. Both Crawford and Lozada are coming off what was likely the most difficult period of their lives – Crawford professionally, Lozada personally.Both desperately wanted a fresh start and a chance to prove that they could rebound from the lows they had recently experienced.

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Sites Hip Hop Hollywood, and Terez Owens seemed to have the scoop first, citing unquote, unnamed “close to the source,” accounts and “eyewitnesses.” There has been no confirmation from either party, or any pictures of them together.

As unabashed Carl Crawford fans on this site, we’ll keep a close eye on this one as it progresses.

The Moroccan-American hip hop recording artist, French Montana has a long list of girlfriends.

He has been indulged in multiple romantic relationships and affairs.

Lozada’s rep explained saying that Carl “wanted his son to have every aspect of him, including his birth sign.” UPDATE 12/26/2013: We said we’d keep an eye on these two as things progressed,… Carl Crawford and Evelyn Lozado were rumored to have been dating most of the summer.

In November, the world found out that Lozado is pregnant with Crawford’s child due just before Spring training (though he has two children from a prior relationship, including a young one born in July, 2013).

After all, Lozada just got back onto the dating scene after splitting from ex-fiancé Carl Crawford this summer.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes of this burgeoning relationship.

Over the weekend Evelyn Lozada celebrated her birthday and fans speculated something interesting.

While Evelyn posted a photo of herself blowing out her birthday candles, with a bottle of French Vanilla Ciroc on the side (hint hint) social media users have reason to believe French Montana is her new boo.

IG account @Fameolous put their inspector gadget hats on, and compared Lozada’s location to French Montana’s HOME…and it looks pretty similar.

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