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it was propelled by a 747cc side valve engine developing 10 brake horsepower ….original cars were very light , weighing 800 lbs. Close behind Austin Seven has been the use of Ford components.

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The subject also has a strong reference to the Ford side valve engine and the continuity into racing of the 1172 Formula in which the Lotus Mk. The bibliography pays special practical attention to this subject.

A future article will compare some of the proprietary Ford specials of the era with the Lotus Mk. Trials driving is a particularly English amateur sport.

As we have noted many of the specials built from parts dating from the 1930’s and perhaps having a hard life and little maintenance were neither economic to repair or competitive.

Specials Building John Bolster’s book “Specials “is an excellent introduction to the subject.

Writing in 1949 Bolster identifies approximately 75 specials .

The period of the 1930’s was particularly active with many wealthy people willing to commission and experiment.

There are sonme similarities with building a modern kit car.

Although the editors would suggest that building a special in the early post war period required skill and determination and particularly the ability to innovate and overcome shortages and dedicated facilities.

The Hills, Spills and Thrills: Colin Chapman’s and Lotus Transition from Trials to Track Introduction This article is written with inspiration from the following sources:- • The revival of interest in Historic Trials [ see web references below] • The editors consider that trials provided greater momentum to the development of Lotus and Chapman than is generally appreciated.

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