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But a psychopath's true nature comes seeping through.

"When you go back and look, what's most fascinating is that he had already committed a crime," Brown said, "Raped a little girl.

Nobody at the time knew the man with the wavy long hair and toothy grin was an apparent psychopath -- an unstable, antisocial personality.

That includes Mills, a veteran television and film actor, whose only encounter with Alcala was when both of them appeared on "The Dating Game." "That's when I became part of a nightmare, and I didn't realize it was a nightmare until 32 years later," Mills said.

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(CNN) -- Before he was a convicted serial killer, Rodney Alcala was a winning bachelor on "The Dating Game." "Oh yeah, I remember it quite clearly," said Jed Mills, the game-show contestant who sat next to Alcala in 1978. Definitely creepy." Found guilty in February of murdering four women and a child, Alcala, 66, is acting as his own attorney in the penalty phase of the trial.

Our girls have come to define beauty with impossible body measurements.

Often they end up feeling that that they just don’t measure up.And too often, movies, videos, reality TV shows, and advertisements all portray women and girls in a demeaning manner.Body posture, exposed clothing and facial expressions do not mirror a woman who lives with self-dignity and self-worth."One wonders what that did in his mind," Brown said. She played hard to get.' " Mills said he still has a difficult time discussing Alcala. "The more time has gone by, the creepier it gets," he said, "because it kind of sinks in slowly. They’re subjected to much higher beauty standards than men.” The motto of this new doll is “Average is Beautiful.” As much as I would like to believe that we are all in agreement when it comes to the awful pressure girls and women face with keeping up their body image, I do wonder how many parents out there would find it easy to say “my daughter is average and average is beautiful.” We have somehow been conditioned to feel that our child must be special, amazing or awesome.

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