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You yourself either programmed it to be client-side or server-side.When you used server-side validation with ASP 3.0, if something the user entered was wrong, you could repost the form and ask the user to correct the information in that particular field of the form.

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The other option for form validation is to put some client-side Java Script or VBScript at the top of the ASP page that checks if the information in the fields is correct.

This takes care of the problem of making unnecessary trips to the server, but it requires another language to learn and manage.

NET Summary: Learn how to use all the available ASP.

This paper introduces these new controls and discusses tips and tricks on working with them in practical scenarios.

After you determine that something was entered, you can then also check to see whether what was entered is a number or a character and if it is in the correct format.

From there, you can compare user input in different fields or against values that might be held in other repositories, such as a database.

After the user enters data into a Web form, clicks the Submit button, and sends the form data to the server as a request, you can perform server-side validation on the data.

If the data is incorrect or not valid, you can send back a response stating this.

This takes a lot of resources and makes for a slower-paced form for the user.

Nothing is more annoying to a user who is on a dial-up connection than clicking the Submit button on the form and then waiting for 20 seconds to find out that they didn't enter their password correctly.

I have a form that has a text box that I want to only allow users to enter a date and then a Message Box. You can't easily restrict the key presses as they are all over the place with that.

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