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Population: 15,052 Home of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, this town of 15,000 is a really ‘active’ place, statistically.

Located a short drive from Minneapolis down I-94, it might be quite a trek for most of you to head that direction. Only 25% of the population here have kids, and the average population here is 24.2 years old, which is the 3rd youngest in the state.

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Plus, only a third of the people who live here are married, which is the 5th lowest ratio in Wisconsin.

Hey fellas: River Falls skews heavily female, as well, so it sounds like if you’re a dude, you just need to have a pulse to get some in River Falls.

The Great Love Debate is a nationally touring series of live forums on love, dating and relationships.

The podcast, The Great Love Debate with Brian Howie, attempts to answer the question "why is everyone still single?

When you’re looking at science and data, Platteville just squeaks past Madison as the easiest place to get laid. Platteville has the youngest population of any city over 10,000 in the state of Wisconsin, and has the lowest number of people who are married.

That means there’s nothing holding people back from getting to know one another ‘more closely.’ Platteville has the 2nd lowest number of people with kids in Wisconsin as well.

Using the census bureau, we analyzed: Population: 11,260 Hello, Platteville!

You may have been under the radar for a long time, but no longer. If you live in the Madison area, you might be aware that it’s about 75 minutes south of Madison on Route 151.

Nearby Minneapolis was named the city with the "Most Dateable Men." So how can you tap into the dating scene? It named Earth the "Best Dating Site." "That’s right, the planet," the release said.

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