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Non-global zones can be different from their parent global zone in the following ways, for example: Versions of packages installed in a non-global zone can be restricted by the versions installed in the global zone.

Some packages cannot be updated or downgraded in a non-global zone because those packages must be the same version in the non-global zone as they are in the global zone.

Depending on the administrative rights delegated to a certain entity, DNS zones may consist of only one domain, or of many domains and sub-domains.

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Each DNS zone represents a boundary of authority subject to management by certain entities.

The total of all DNS zones, which are organized in a hierarchical tree-like order of cascading lower-level domains, form the DNS namespace.

For example, the package named dependencies can be installed at a different version in a non-global zone than the version that is installed in the global zone.

To install a different version in the non-global zone, specify the version in the command or freeze the version at the version you want.

See Options That Operate on Non-Global Zones for more information. Actions: 23266/23382 actions (Updating modified actions) Actions: Completed 23382 actions in 96.16 seconds.

In the following example, both non-global zones are updated at the same time as the global zone. Done Startup: Checking that pkg(5) is up to date ...

For example, if you have the global:~$ pkg publisher PUBLISHER TYPE STATUS P LOCATION solaris origin online F solaris origin online F file:///var/share/pkgrepos/solaris/ devtool (disabled) origin online F isvpub origin online F pkg publisher -F tsv PUBLISHER STICKY SYSPUB ENABLED TYPE STATUS URI PROXY solaris true true true origin online solaris true true true origin online - isvpub true true true origin online location in the non-global zone.

In the non-global zone, the system repository always shows as a proxy.

Installed branded non-global zones can be affected by installing, updating, and uninstalling packages in the global zone.

Changing facets and variants can cause package installations and removals and affect non-global zones.

For more information about setting proxies when you have non-global zones, including instructions for when and how to use the environment variables, see Proxy Configuration on a System That Has Installed Zones in Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Zones. Done Planning: Planning completed in 39.00 seconds Packages to remove: 2 Packages to install: 1 Packages to update: 640 Create boot environment: Yes Create backup boot environment: No Planning: Linked images: 0/2 done; 2 working: zone:z1 zone:z2 Planning: Linked image 'zone:z1' output: | Packages to install: 1 | Packages to update: 161 | Services to change: 2 ` Planning: Linked images: 1/2 done; 1 working: zone:z2 Planning: Linked image 'zone:z2' output: | Packages to install: 1 | Packages to update: 161 | Services to change: 2 ` Planning: Finished processing linked images. A clone of s11 exists and has been updated and activated.

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