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Some of the PNY and BFG tech cards were going for to .After thinking about it some more I already had a bunch of stuff I was planning on ordering from Newegg (drive, fans, memory, etc...) so if I did order a new card shipping was already included.Back then I never built my own computers and typically just ordered from Dell.

You should also go to the ‘Manuals’ tab and download the User’s Guide or Service Manual for your computer, and see the section on removing and replacing the video card.

About six years ago I bought my parents a computer for random web browsing and email.

The card also didn't have a fan which to me was a bonus.

For the system memory the mother board only had two slots, both of witch were currently being used.

If this is a late-model Inspiron desktop (made within the last 4 years or so) then it should have open PCI-E slots into which just about any aftermarket video card can fit.

Whether it can fit in your case is a different story.

Upgrading the hard drive was probably over kill but I thought it would be fun to try.

I remember the boot time of my parents computer being abnormally long so I thought why not put a moder 7200 RPM drive in.

PCI slots were replaced by AGP slots, which were replaced by PCI-Express or PCI-E which is the latest technology.

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