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Packages built and maintained by the Cent OS developers that add functionality to the core distribution.

These packages have undergone some basic testing, should track upstream release versions fairly closely and will never replace any core distribution package. On the main Cent OS mirror sites ISOs cannot be downloaded directly, but we provide a Bittorent file for downloading.

updating servers with rpm-25

Note on using yum: Starting with Cent OS-4 we use a newer version of yum (as compared to Cent OS-3), so there is a new metadata system that has the hdr files compressed in a single file (and not lots of small header files).

The upstream vendor is using open source (mostly GPL) software in their business model.

Release Notes have last minute documentation or describe a commonly encountered problem, when a given release has a variation from the formal documentation.

Release Notes are also used when there is a need to emphasize some change.

If you are planning to utilize the Vo IP test, we recommend an initial validation of the results by comparing jitter test results from MCS on a dedicated server and the virtual server.

Java JRE 8 or later: To download and install the latest J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) JRE, please see

If you need the support services that they provide, we highly recommend their enterprise product.

Contains packages required in order to build the main Distribution or packages produced by SRPMS built in the main Distribution, but not included in the main Red Hat package tree (mysql-server in Cent OS-3.x falls into this category).

Because they chose an open source model to obtain the software they distribute, they must provide their source code to others. The upstream vendor provides much added value by creating the Source RPMS and distributing them.

They also fix problems in software and provide feedback to the software developers ...

Cent OS conforms fully with Red Hat, Inc's redistribution policies and aims to be functionally compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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