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This was about one and half years ago on another machine that I no longer use, but the insight just came to me.Many things just lined up and fell into place instantly.

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This means that you will actually be DOWNGRADING, not upgrading portage …

Time to update Sabayon, after installing the wireless driver with a wired connection, about a week ago. I expected everything to go as expected, except it got stuck at which means the package manager is broken. Normally, on any Linux system, if the package manager is done, the system cannot be repaired.

Compiz-Fusion is like the glassy windows you see in Vista, plus many other effects (the most famous being wobbly windws).

I suppose that was the reason so many people tried Sabayon at the time.

I think I simply used Windows more because I liked the desktop colors: Sabayon had too many splashes of red here and there, but all that changed with the next release.

This was my first glimpse of the future of Sabayon.

Fortunately, I had many other OS’s to use on the machine.

They’re still there today, and today I just read the Sabayon wiki on mixing portage and entropy.

I follow a few simple steps for upgrading Sabayon: There were errors coming from different packages when I tried to compile them without steps 3-5, such as configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables and gcc-config: error: could not run/locate ‘g ’.

Installing the gcc version listed in gcc-config -c fixed the problem.

I had Sabayon installed on my Inspiron 1520 quad-booting with XP, 7, and Elive.

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