Boga cams - Updating old plywood doors

She chose her color (with my advice) and ended up painting the walls Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. I’m telling you, this room looked entirely different. Especially after we installed the new light (here’s a sneak peek for you! I finished painting that night, and the next day, we moved everything in and finished the final touches.My house was built in 1978 and still possesses must of it’s original “charm”.

It’s a small space, maybe 7 ft x 5 ft and there are FOUR dark doors off this space; my room, my son’s room, the utility closet and the bathroom.

When the doors are closed it looks like a dark, 1970s nightmare.

I didn’t think she’d have any long term issues with paint scraping, but just to be safe, we primed them…

Once the primer was dry, we began painting them the actual color, Onyx by Benjamin Moore, in a satin finish….

They needed something, be that completely replaced with something else, painted or modified. First, we removed the doors from the closet, and started framing them out.

She didn’t really have a preference, so I chose once she was gone. The bottoms and tops of them had scratches from of use, the bottom had chips missing out of the doors, and they were a horrific orange color. We used the same material as plank walls (4′ x 8′ sheets of underlayment at 1/4″ thick), but instead of the 1/4″ thickness, we used 1/8″.

Yesterday, I shared how we planked the walls and ceiling.

Just by doing that, the room looked entirely different.

For the bathroom door, I did both sides because people spend a bit of time in there with the door closed.

I sketched the panel design on each door with a chalk pen, keeping the measurements the same for each door so they would look uniform. I had been trying to cover the doors using just a paint brush and was disappointed with all the brush marks, but the sponger roller gave great, smooth coverage.

You all know I’m a big fan of plank walls, so I was thrilled when my mom chose that element for her office.

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