Updating information about audio unit plug ins

To combat this we implemented OSX's native coverflow.

With a click of a button coverflow will load up the plugins GUI's so you can be easily reminded exactly what each plugin is and where it should be categorized. Upon opening the app all your Audio Units will be scanned in both user and system folders.

Here is an extensive list of compatibility issues with audio software and El Capitan.

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First, let’s get this out of the way: If you are involved in audio engineering, recording, mixing/mastering, and rely on ANYTHING third party (i.e.

not built-in to your DAW software), do not update your operating system or DAW software without first ensuring that your mission-critical plugins will still work! Not updating to the latest systems (even beta versions) really isn’t an option for me. Unfortunately, El Capitan’s Audio Unit validator tool is failing to validate a lot of different plugins.

We hope it becomes a studio staple for all engineers, producers and writers working with Audio Units.

Auganizer works on OSX from version 10.6 upwards to and including 10.10 Yosemite.

You could, for instance, arrange by the type of effect, and we even allow you to go further by making multi layers with sub folders.

This gives you the ability to create hierarchies such as; "Compressor Single-band", so you have full control over how YOU want your plugins organized.The app supports backing up of all your settings and changes, including import and export (useful for multi users), Simple revert to stock options, backing up per change so you can roll back to previous changes, the ability to re-apply your updates to plugins you have removed then re-added or upgraded.Auganizer is priced at just €29.99, a bargain for an app which can revolutionise your work flow saving you time, money and making your work much more enjoyable.Standard EQ is a high precision equalization plug-in.Standard EQ offers various filter-characteristics and a high definition spectrum-analyzer.You can rename and edit the plugins one by one, and you can batch edit the categories at once by click and highlighting multiple plugins - making it easier to arrange them into folders like compressors, filters, EQ's, etc.

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