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Works with SONOS, Android and i Phone; see app stores. Download music on up to 4 devices (not available on Xbox and the Web). Subject to terms (which may change without notice) at microsoft.com/msa.

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Also does it on mail and calendar app but by closing the app it instantly will update with no further issues. Secondly, I tried the above links you supplied(and much appreciated) to no avail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Argument: () [For Each-Object], Parameter Binding Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Cannot Convert Argument No Message, Microsoft. I have googled everything I can think of, and short of reinstalling the OS I am out of ideas.

I have tried deleting Groove but that opened a can of worms with the above error showing over and over and not installing at all. Thank you dalchina for your reply and sorry for the delay in my response. The error is still there and still wants me to allow it to install on system drive. Again thank you though for your assistance Much appreciated Dragon Ok, lets try the normal basic steps.

I was surprised to see that alot of the bands i like were on there as having an "aquired" taste in music, but annoyed at being a gold member and still having to pay extra, and also the US version is free with identical content this should apply to all microsoft customers.

was expecting to be able to listen to music while i play xbox something that you could do on the Xbox 360 anyway, dont understand why they would remove that feature.

To start an update manually, follow these steps: You can check for the latest release number of Office on the Update Office 2013 or Office 365 page.

Next, you can check for the same version of the sync app in your file system.

It's still better than most music players in the store.

It works, and feels increasingly better with each update.

However if you download an mp3 file to your ' Music' file in your Onedrive it will allow you to listen to that mp3 file on your Groove Music app.

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