Updating clamav in ubuntu

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy note: this step will fail as the clamav user was created when the packages were installed.

Add the clamav to the amavis group by editing /etc/groups you need to add the text 'amavis' to the line that starts 'clamav' so that it looks something like this: clamav:x:126:amavis.

updating clamav in ubuntu-18

Packages brought into an existing release must be brought in with a minimal difference from the development/current release (the process should branch from the earliest release to carry the current upstream release which may be the current release and may be the development release).

They will go through some functional and integration testing first in the ubuntu-clamav PPA, then exposed to a broader audience in the *-backports repositories, and then finally delivered as updates to all users of each particular release.

This process has been experimentally executed from beginning to end twice.

Dapper, Feisty, and Gutsy were updated to Clamav 0.92.2 (which is what Hardy was released with) and Dapper and Hardy were updated to 0.94.2 (which is what Intrepid was released with).

If viruses are found the email is dumped, if spam is found the subject is relabeled '***SPAM***'.

Postmaster is notified of both for monitoring & updating of rules. You should setup the Maildirs for the default user and in your existing folders. Login to your local IMAP server may not work for uses that don't have a Maildir in their home folder.

So far, although labor intensive and taking longer to complete than would be ideal, this process has produced good results.

When Dapper, Feisty, and Gutsy were updated only two bugs were filed (both Dapper).

This process has provided a good balance between cutting-edge and stable, integrated capability and seems suitable to extend to Intrepid and Jaunty where clamav is in Main.

Up-to-date clamav with an integrated, tested package set is a feature unique to Ubuntu Server that is another way to positively differentiate Ubuntu Server from its competitors.

This document describes the policy for major updates to Clamav packages in a stable supported distro, including LTS.

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