Updating a tri level house wil wheaton dating

This 4-block area is filled with small, independent, locally-owned businesses.As much as we can, we try to spend our money here, rather than in Portland.

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We’re not sure what to call it (Ella has dubbed it the Talking Room), but it’s a space where you can sit in a comfy chair and read, with just enough separation from what’s going on in the living room proper to be undistracted–but you still feel like you’re with the rest of the family.

We’ve got many of our books here, and we’ve put in a big table for projects, puzzles, and playing games.

We may be five minutes from chain restaurants, discount retailers, and a warehouse grocery store (by car, of course), but we’re determined to make this our version of the American Dream. We think the suburban split-level may be a house whose time is coming, and we want to tell you why–so you can get in while the gettins’ good.

While a city neighborhood full of mid-century ranches and small, independent businesses would be cool and all, it wouldn’t get us the things we’re really yearning for. (And because if more people who like what we like join us, the community will change in ways we’d like.) No, there isn’t the kind of hipster cool we see in Portland: But there’s still a kind of cool.

You can’t see it, but there’s a large side yard and a creek that runs along the back of the property.

With an asking price of 4,900, we think this was a good deal. And finally, even though we do have more strip malls per capita than any place should, we do have a tiny “downtown” area that dates back to the time our bedroom community was mostly farmland.

We might not have a whole lotta dollars, but we’re supporting the kinds of businesses we’d like to see more of with the ones we’ve got. Right now it’s got all kinds of funky wallpaper, and we still need to tear the carpet out of the bedrooms, and the exterior needs paint, and the landscaping needs an overhaul, and most of the light fixtures are brassy uglies, and don’t even get me started on the living room ceiling, done in something we call “wedding cake.” (Close cousin to the popcorn ceiling, which we have in all our bedrooms.) Here on move-in day, you can see our wallpaper and border, one of our brassy glassy light fixtures, and the wedding cake ceiling.

We’ve already replaced that floor, which you can read about in our cork flooring posts.

(And we know the table can be pulled away from the wall and used as a dining table on those rare occasions when we need a dining room.) The Talking Room is one of our favorite parts of the house, but it was a little hard to imagine the first time we saw it.

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