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First and foremost, it's imperative that I perform a thorough screening of a sugar baby.I read her profile carefully to determine if we're compatible.

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I limit my search to college-educated women who are currently in school (undergraduate or graduate) or have already graduated.

I find that I engage with women far more comfortably if they are able to have fun debates, share ideas or challenge my ideas. After messaging on the Seeking Arrangement platform for a couple of days, we'll switch to email and eventually phone calls.

Since she was relying on public transportation to get to and from the university, I bought her a car.

I felt it was far safer for her to have when leaving her classes late at night. She's a highly intelligent, attractive and wonderful woman, and I have the resources.

As an engaged man living in the suburbs, the idea of a "sugar daddy" resonates as way more fantastical than practical.

I mean, where I live, if you see an older man with a younger woman, there's a good chance he's her father. Seeking Arrangement has over 3 million members in the US alone — 484,695 of which are sugar daddies (who, on average, are white 40-year-olds with a 5,000 income) and 2,250,868 are sugar babies (who, on average, are 25 years old).

Bobby Box: Why do you seek the sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement?

Cameron: I'm divorced and don't have the time to be involved in a traditional relationship. I travel often, and having a relationship that doesn't need constant nurturing works best for me.

But after getting familiar with Seeking Arrangement, a popular dating site for sugar daddy/baby relationships, I soon discovered that maybe the twosomes I had assumed were father/daughter might not be that at all. So yeah, this is clearly a burgeoning market in the dating industry.

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