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The change number shows the difference versus the previous 3 month period.

Top Keywords from Search Engines The table shows the top keywords that sent traffic to this site from major search engines over the past 6 months. Upstream Sites Upstream sites are sites that people visited just before they visited this site.

This time doesn't include the time to load all images and stylesheets, for example. Home of the Ken and Barbie reviews of the hottest new online dating sites as well as the latest scoop on the action at all of the major online dating sites. Audience Demographics The audience demographics data comes from voluntary demographics information submitted by people in our global traffic panel.

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Bounce Rate (%) Percentage of visits to the site that consist of a single pageview.

Daily Pageviews per Visitor Estimated daily unique pageviews per visitor on the site.

For example, a site in the 98th percentile (Very Fast) has a median load time faster than 98% of all measured sites, while a site in the 2nd percentile (Very Slow) loads more quickly than only 2% of all sites and is slower than 97% of all sites.

The load time of an individual page is how long it takes for the DOM - the structure of the page - to be loaded.

Nameservers are,,, ns4.p11.

Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated.

The complete list of sites linking to this site is available to Alexa Pro subscribers.

Other Sites Owned These are other sites with the same registered owner as this site.

The website owner has installed an Alexa Certify Code on the pages of their site and chosen to show the metrics publicly.

Not all websites implement our on-site analytics and publish the results.

Daily Time on Site Estimated daily time on site (mm:ss) per visitor to the site.

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