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Joo-Won tried getting Ra-Im out of his mind for Ra-Im does not own a high status life nor is even rich.

Nevertheless, Joo-Won can't stop thinking about Ra-Im.

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I watched/enjoyed many dramas and films of these 2 talented actors..the meantime I will forget my other favorite on-going dramas. Kim Sa Rang is the only one who looks good in the entire drama. Everyone else has over acted and in fact done a terrible job.

And Hyun Bin is the only one who can act and he does a great job. I wanted to like this drama but could not because of the terrible acting and equally terrible fashion. Every aspect of the drama fits well with me, the acting, the ost, the humour, the chemistry between both sets of leads. This is 2016 and still rewatching it and listen to its music, that man/ that woman.

For example Hyun-Bin's sequin jacket or "coffee kiss" from Secret garden. At first scens are too emotional like in brazilian telenovela, very unnatural. The concept of body switching quite old and weird idea about rain involved in that, totaly illogical.

And the phrase "Shall I propose or apologize" or "Wine Kiss" from DOTS etc. Too much of everything and this fantasy part mixed up with real world was for me out of blue.

Because Yeun-Sul had a high-living status, she was arranged to attend a blind date with Joo-Won.

Even though Joo-Wan made it clear that he doesn't have interest in her, Yeun-Sul keeps pursuing Joo-Won.am afraid I would also be like others who watched this drama a number of times.. Hah Aha lol bagay sa kanya Hah Aha✌ Whenever I remember their funny scene, I can't help my self but laugh. I can still feel the love and other emotions even after watching it many times already. The amazing chemistry between the 2 lead stars added life to the beautiful story. This is a very heartwarming and very entertaining Kdrama. OMG seriously one of the best Kdramas ever made,theres maybe 1 or 2 that I like a little more but I really just cant fault it,the first scenes with Kil Ra-Im are the best introduction to a female lead that ive ever seen in a drama...am only at episode 4 and i want to watch other episodes continuously.. That's why the people pass by me thinks that I'm out of my mind. Watching alot nice Kdrama b4 but this 1 will forever my no.1 i also dunno y i realli like this Kdrama so much n re-watching many many time wont feel bored ^^ realli hope both of them will work together again huh, this is shown almost midnight(-) in our country(Philippines), but I had to wait for it coz it's beautiful, a love story with lots of fun,laughter, drama and mystery. haha :) The story is good but why do all the men look like girls, they even dress like girls.Joo-Won learns that Ra-Im won the contest to spend time with Oska and decides to follow them to Jeju Island. While they were mountain biking, Ra-Im gets separated from Joo-Won and Oska. Eventually, Joo-Won was able to find Ra-Im but ended up stranded in a mysterious restaurant in the middle of the woods called 'Secret Garden'.Even more mysteriously, the owner of 'Secret Garden' seems to know both Joo-Won and Ra-Lim very well.Oska (Yoon Sang-Hyun) is a popular singer around Asia, but he doesn't have musical talent. Joo-Won and Oska are also cousins and highly competitive towards each other.

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