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When I first read your Vandals reviews, I emailed them to everybody and said, "This is a guy that's been paying attention. It takes a long time before you grasp what is reasonable for a punk label to achieve. We're trying to say to people that we're a punk rock band and we're not trying to get on the radio. We didn't pick a slower one that we thought would be more accessible; we wanted to do a song that was representative of our album. Our new one is actually getting the biggest push that any of our records has ever had in Europe.

Everybody thinks they should be selling more records. We picked that as a single because it's a good punk rock song. In Europe we don't have as many records available. The four Nitro records were distributed alright, but those are the only ones. I remember when that happened, I had kinda forgotten that it aired and the guy at Time Bomb, who our first two records are licensed to right now, called me and said, "What the hell happened?

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We were just like, "Here, here's how it goes," then we'd memorize it and it would never change. " Part of that is because the song we chose to push is more typical of us than some weird song. But these animals are really pampered and live a lot longer than animals going to slaughterhouse. A typical hamburger is made from a bull that's one or two years old and has been pretty much tortured and castrated, living in terrible conditions.

We were just hacking out stuff, like "Here's a song, okay here's another song." That album was just, I mean you can hear the progression between that and Fear Of A Punk Planet - it had a couple good songs, but there was no refining of any of them. I'm the only one here that knows how to use this equipment. We're doing a series of live DVDs - did you get the Vandals DVD? But music review people will at least be able to say, "Hey, this is a record that's more of what the Vandals are all about! I mean, I know for some people, that's their job everyday and it seems like it could get depressing. When the time comes, it's a big day for the matador, but it's the price the bulls pay for having a good life. When a bull goes into a pro ring, it's four and a half years old. This record has sold four or five times what the last one did in Europe.

The band's lineup fluctuated significantly over their first nine years, though founding members Steven Ronald "Stevo" Jensen, guitarist Jan Nils Ackermann, and first consistent drummer Joe Escalante remained regular fixtures.

Of the early members only Escalante has remained through all subsequent incarnations of the band.

I just don't think there's very much good stuff on it. I'm trying to make dubs of a Tsunami Bomb video. I guess I have to actually go out and get a DVD player now. They trust us, because they know if they have to do something, I'm gonna have to do it too. I don't know if that was a good idea or not, so who knows what kind of reaction it will get.

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