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By plugging into a grown-up non-Ivy college dude mindset, the Chive has crafted the perfect fantasy: everyone here likes girls, funny pictures, drinking, charity, and .The basis of this community isn’t a common interest so much as a common lifestyle: the Chive has taken an already extant personality type and given it a home with a brand.

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It received more than 8 million global unique visitors in June, according to Quantcast — more than 9 million by internal numbers.

The Chive is, on its face, a collection of funny pictures culled from around the web.

See also: “An arched back is such a grand and glorious curve (33 Photos).” This sometimes gets uncomfortable. I would love to see more of this chivette,” commented Sol Jeff on a post of Chivettes.

“She and I are going to have some gorgeous children,” replied Ctrain.

Most of these pictures seem self-submitted; Twitter is full of them, as well.

(#Chivettes Bored At Work is a thing now.) On-site, “There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (112 Photos)” is a typical headline.

There are also plenty of photos of half-naked women, photo galleries of animals making dumb faces and people horrifically crashing their BMX bikes.

Recurring features have names like FLBP (future lower back pain), Hump Day, Burnsday (that’s burn your bra Thursday), and Frisky Friday.

(Imagine if Kickstarter had its own social network it could reliably count on to fund all or most of its projects — and all of those projects were helping sick children, veterans, firefighters and mass shooting victims.

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