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NCJRS is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of any off-site pages that are referenced, nor does NCJRS guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of information.NCJRS is also not responsible for the use of, or results obtained from the use of, the information.Teen dating violence is a widespread issue that can lead to serious short- and long-term effects.

Teen dating violence can occur between current and former dating partners, in person, or electronically.

Examples include physical and emotional harm, as well as stalking.

Consistent with other adolescent relationship abuse studies, researchers found there was significant overlap between victimization and perpetration; 84 percent of victims also perpetrated abuse in a relationship.

This finding has important implications for prevention and intervention; it serves as a reminder that programming should recognize the fluidity of these roles among youth in relationships.

The only way we let them win indefinitely is by letting them control our next move. #cptsd #abuse #dating #mentalhealth #donewithdv #summer4sisters #narcissisticabuse #domesticviolencesurvivor # These are some of the many resources that are there to help you, your friends, or your family members that may be experiencing teen dating violence or domestic violence. #resources # "One of the best ways parents can help prevent dating violence is for parents and adolescents to have open communication." Visit the @Seethe Triumph blog for info on how parents can play a role in preventing # is the solution to reducing these staggering statistics.

It’s all of our jobs to educate young people, or each other, about the different types of abuse.

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