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The point is that what the "awkwardness" stems from these two approaches clashing.

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If you're also moderately attractive; create an account on various dating sites, clearly stating you're British.

Match with a few girls, chat with them to see if theyre girlfriend material, sleep with them and then take it from there. But also I think it's not that there is a lack of dating or sex to be found here, but that no one is really sure of what's going on for too long.

And people appear to be a little hesitant to try to communicate and find out.

Yeah this is kind of a effect of how unorthodox swedish youths are, because of how norm-breaking etc.

But if your dream is to eventually find one guy to settle down with and grow old together, Swedish culture doesn't seem very compatible with that idea. Most people I know do long relationships, and if divorcing then very slowly with plenty of time for thinking and reconsideration.

To me, it's a good thing that people aren't legally constrained from breaking up.

Swedes don't "date" the way you guys do, so you're kinda spot on with you analysis.

However, seeing as you're on reddit, you've probably heard of the Internet.

Relationships seem a lot more fluid, they don't have the commitment to eachother and willingness to put effort into the relationship that I am used to seeing.

This has it's good points, certainly easier to get out of a bad relationship. I gave up on my first relationship after seven years, the second one still works (somewhat) after 25.

Most countries do it to some degree, but Swedes really mean it. Well, perhaps relationships, but only if they're at all in or near one, either coming or going.

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