Start dating a friend

Usually, I’d roll myself up like a pig in a blanket with the duvet before cat walking out into the bathroom in invisible heels and emerging again like a Stars In Their Eyes contestant from the shower.

I’d then breezily order an Uber while having a panic attack on the way home that would involve calling twelve people. In fact, it was so easy it totally knocked me for six.

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whos dating annalynne mccord - Start dating a friend

Will I ever let him hold my hand or make it official?

I suppose there’s no point in thinking of it like that.

I still can’t hold hands in public and I worry what our mutual friends might think of any PDA between us- so I avoid it.

Nonsense- but you try suddenly smooching your mate that you’ve known for four years.

Affection was a little weird at first too, in all honesty.

When we first started hooking up- not totally wasted- it was odd to taste my friend’s tongue in my mouth.

Of course, we’re onions, we’re layered and we make people cry, and your friend-turned-partner will have more to them than you’ll have been privy to before, you suddenly find an extra layer of feeling has been added to your existing relationship.

A few things that I’ve discovered to be immensely beneficial about being friends first: Your mutual Burn Book Inevitably you’ll end up talking about all your mutual friends.

I think I felt it once…with a stranger on the tube, but I can’t be sure.

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