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The model can help you to understand how things are done at Spotify, but it is not something that you should copy in your own organization.Floryan mentioned the organizational culture model by Edgar Schein, which indicates that you can only see a small part of the culture.

One of the core guiding principles at Spotify is autonomy.

Kristian Lindwall and Cliff Hazell from Spotify explained in a 2015 conference talk why autonomy is at the heart of agility in the Info Q interview role of autonomy in agility: Autonomy has a Greek origin; it means having the freedom to choose. Boundaries come in forms of clarity and constraints, something that you should aim to make as explicit as you can (often together with the teams themselves).

DIBBs are "things that we believe about the world, where we want to understand why we believe it" said Frödin. (...) Spotify maintains a board with company bets; the things that they have to do right now.

This board with bets is open to everyone in the company.

Culture is also an abstraction, yet the forces that are created in social and organisational situations deriving from culture are powerful.

If we don’t understand the operation of these forces, we can become victim to them.

As an example of trust at Spotify, Floryan explained how the supply of IT hardware is done.

There’s a cupboard in the Spotify office where things like keyboards, cables, batteries, etc., are stored.

Things like basic assumptions are so well integrated in the way of working that they are hard to recognize.

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