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En español | You made the mistake of asking your adult daughter if that guy she went out with last night was "anything serious." She gave you a nonchalant shrug and smiled."Don't book the church yet, Mom — it was just a hookup!

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Sorry I don't have any words of comfort for you but hopefully you'll get some good advice, and hope you've got a good support network to get you through this sh*t time!

X Due 2nd July 20 September 2013 So sorry you're going through this, what a horrible situation to be in. only you can know how you feel and if you think your marriage is worth the hard work of getting back on track xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app My partner left me and had a bit if a thing with a lady down the rd!!

My trust has completely gone and I'm worried I'm never gonna believe a word he says when he comes back off his next trip.

This could have happened several times but he only told me about this one because of the suspected herpes in his mouth Yes and he says it's the first time it's happened, but I don't know if I believe him.

He kept coming round and texting me we arranged days out with kids, all the while he was still staying at a family members. People make mistakes and it was not love it was a drunken one night stand.

This went on for about 2 years maybe more, then we bit the bullet and he moved bk in. Xx Sent from my GT-I9195 using Netmums mobile app I am now questioning if I believe this is the first time it's happened?

Many older divorced or widowed men and women are in the same boat. You're probably not desperate enough to stalk your neighbors, or to go looking for friends with benefits in all the wrong places (bars come to mind).

They feel protective of their privacy and peace of mind, but they haven't become eunuchs or hermits. But offered a chance to reconnect with someone from your past — dinner with your high school steady, for example — you might just surprise yourself by winding up in bed.

Ive never been in your shoes but i dont think i could forgive & forget. Could have been one night or more guess i will never know.

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