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recordet in London at Pathway studios (the Damned) with Liam Watson (Toe Rag Studios) mastered over the Air makes this record a mile stone in Trash history LP: VR1202 CD: VRCD02FRIENDS OF THE MONSTERS PAYING THEIR TRIBUT TO 30 YEARS SWIMMING AGAINST THE MAINSTREAM, THIS COMPILATIOBN SHOWS YOU MANY DIFFEREND FACES OF TODAYS UNDERGRUND MUSIC WITH THE SONGS WRITTEN BY THE MONSTERS.TRASH, MINIMAL ELECTRO, CUMBIA, INDUSTRIAL, COUNTRY OR PUNK ROCK !!! LP CD: VR1299CD: VRCD99 low on lyrics and even lower on poetry.I've mentioned this before, but in love relationships, if sociopaths are truly committed/invested in the relationship (i.e.

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HI I'm getting out or a least trying to get out of a relationship with a sociopath. doing some research i found out your bog that i find very interesting. are sociopaths understand the pain that inflict on the people the say they love? I'm so in love with this guy but it has been a year long painful relationship i cant do this to myself anymore. We feel pain, but over different types of things, which doesn't necessarily guarantee that your sociopath is currently feeling pain.

THEY TELL YOU STORYS ABOUT LOST LOVE AND LIVING IN HELL WITH ONLY A HARP STOMPBOX A GUITAR AND POISENING VOCALSLP CD: VR1275CD: VRCD75 'i put a spell on you v/s cryin' from Aukland New Zealand comes that incredable Stomp Blues Trio with a desire to Suicide and the early Cramps makes them to the Hotest export in from New Zealand7" SINGLE: VR714 / THE GOSPEL PIMPS 'boogie the church down' THE JUKE JOINT PIMPS MEETS THE GOSPEL PIMPS..


There's too much talk in this world, but there's never enough rock'n'roll!

The album is extremely crude and has raw sound and was recorded in a rotten old practice room in the bad parts of Toulouse with Lo Lo Spider of the infamous Destination Lonely LP CD: VR12100CD: VRCD100'Jungle Noise Recordings'THE LEGENDARY 1994-95 HOME RECORDING SESSION OF THE MONSTERS, THIS IS WHERE PRIMITIVE ROCK'N'ROLL CHAINSAW MASSACRE TRASH GARAGE BEGUN, ORIGINAL RELEASED AS 10" VINYL NOW WITH MANY BONUS TRACKSLP CD: VR1295CD: VRCD95 'tu as perdu ton chemin' Produced by Dead Pierre comes here ultra Fine Cajun Music sung in Louisiana-FRENCH , very autentig Swamp Pop or Raw Rocking Tunes, a record for the Whole Voodoo Rhythm Family LP: VR1244 CD: VRCD44 'railroad blues anthology'MENIC DIGS ADEEP RIVER BETWEEN BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS AND BERN, SWITZERLAND SAILS ON IT AND TELLS YOU STORYS ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD AND THE DARK BLACK SIDE OF HIS HEART, FOLK BLUES COUNTRY A TRAVELING TRUBADOUR SINGER OF ITS TIMELP CD: VR1274CD: VRCD74 'a poison tree' SLEAZY WILD EXPLOSIVE TENDER EXOTIC GARAGE PSYCHADELIC BLUES AND WONDERFUL TRASH ABNORMAL GUITARS AND HYPNOTIC BEATS AND CRAZY SINGER.. GET THEM BEFOR THEY GET YOULP CD: VR1263CD: VRCD63'melville' desperate vocals, moaning organ and trashy distorted guitar.

THE STRANGLERS MEETS ROCKSTEADY SKINHEADS MEETS RAW GARAGE PUNK MEETS VIRGIN PRUNES MEETS FRENCH YEYE BEATLP: VR1256 CD: VRCD56 'i walk my murderous intentions home' no one brings the blues and up in your Face garage punk on one point like King Automatic, with Harp, Guitar and organ is he one of todays best One Man bands LP: VR1236CD: VRCD36 'wrestling rock'n'roll'' when it all started off..

the long sold out and collectors item from 1994, very Raw One man Recordings, super primitive and LO FI To the MAX incl: i wanna be your pussycat, hurt me, wrestling rock'n'roll.3 bonus tracks LP: VR1245 CD: VRCD45'apartment wrestling rock'n'roll A Wrestling Rock'n'roll Masterpiese one of most sold record on the label !!

What do people always say when children's parents die?

That it is sad, but luckily they are young and they'll get over it quickly.

EVEN MORE DIRTY GOSPEL BLUES TRASH AT ITS BEST BACKED UP BY A FANTASTIC GOSPEL CHOIR AND FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH STAND UP BASS IN SOME SONGSLP: VR1266CD: VRCD66 'boogie the house down- juke joint style' a two pice Boogie Blues CHICAGO raw wild Band from Cologne Germany.

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