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However, if you’re open and honest from the start that you’re not looking for anything serious, this can again be a helpful way to lessen any awkwardness since you’re both in accord about what the night meant.

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Additionally, when it comes to the location of your one-night stand, it’s important that you trust your instincts and keep others in the know regarding your exact whereabouts, whether your one-night stand happens at your place, his or her place or even at a hotel.

In order to avoid hurt feelings, mixed messages and general animosity, it’s in your best interest as well as the interest of your partner to tell him or her how you feel.

Or do you think you’d feel let down, unfulfilled or perhaps a bit used?

Once you play out the entire scenario and are honest with yourself about your true reaction, you’ll have a much better idea if a one-night stand is something you want to withstand.

If you’re interested in engaging in a one-night stand, there are steps that you should first take to make the overall experience safe and rewarding.

In fact, it’s important that you prioritize your physical as well as your emotional health by using protection and staying levelheaded in every sense.

This won’t become a problem if you’re signed up for 2-3 dating sites.

There will always be someone waiting to take her place.

Whether in movies, on TV or IRL, you may have heard the expression, “one-night stand,” and are wondering what it means.

There’s also the possibility that you’re thinking about having a one-night stand, but you’re not sure if it’s the right decision for you.

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