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A felony charge, or punishment for attempted murder may no longer reflect the disease that was once an automatic death sentence.

Not being upfront is the crime in question, not necessarily infecting others.

Once a person is rightfully aware of status, it’s up to themselves to make the right decisions.

They don’t want to suddenly be held liable for a crime, when they weren’t even aware of their status.

Depending on what state you live in, people living with HIV who don’t disclose their status every time could be charged with assault and battery, reckless endangerment — and even attempted murder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention People living with HIV, of course, are now able to reach undetectable and untransmissable levels of HIV thanks to the efficacy of modern medicine, with proper care.

He announced his commitment in a video with 247 Sports, which ranks him the seventh-best player in Michigan and the 16th-best outside linebacker in the class of 2019.

Dixon, out of West Bloomfield High School, is the 10th player to commit to Franklin’s Nittany Lions for 2019.

in which he asked for legislation "giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments", as well as "greater protection for the right to vote".

Kennedy delivered this speech following the immediate aftermath of the Birmingham campaign and the growing number of demonstrations and protests throughout the southern United States.

“These bills represent a way to reduce the stigma of HIV and treat it like any other infectious disease,” Dr.

Eden Wells, Michigan’s chief medical officer, told reporters before the House Health Policy committee on May 23.

A vote on the bill package is expected to be taken up again before the Michigan House breaks for the summer in mid-June.

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