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Casual sex with multiple partners is really an abuse of the gift of sex.

If it's someone you've been with for a while, you know they generally don't taste gross, and it's just, like, a little thing you both have to deal with in order to get this nut.

A new study commissioned by the dating service shines a light on today’s hook-up culture, and it isn’t flattering.

Jennifer Roback Morse is Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, an organization that deals with the fallout from the sexual revolution. Morse reminds young people of “the natural biological result of sex, bonding, and babies.” Sex does create an emotional bond.

That’s a positive if the couple is going to stay together.

Many of these apps are for the specific purpose of finding sexual partners. What has happened in the culture that makes this so commonplace?

One explanation for this phenomenon is hard to swallow: It says that young adults looking for love are simply too busy even to go out on first dates with people they have not already tested out as sexual partners. Another reason that’s been floated is that millennials are under so much pressure to get married.

Sex before dating, even if the chemistry is great, means the parties are blinded by attraction.

The couple that marries on this basis really has no idea if they are well-matched.

If I'm hungover, all of the above goes out the window for some reason, and it's game on.

It's fun and low pressure and generally way more sober than night sex, which I think allows for a better connection.

But when people treat sex as sort of a screening process for relationships they deny and distort that bond.

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