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We had a prospective tenant apply for one of our apartments where we had a ‘no pets’ policy in place and that had a ‘companion’ dog. Based on our knowledge of the ADA law (Americans with Disabilities Act) we denied her application.

We asked if the dog had training in being a service dog (the answer was no), we asked how long the applicant had the dog (1 month). This was based on our policy of no pets along with the knowledge that insurance companies very often cancel the landlord’s policy based on the presence of certain breeds of dogs (pitbulls, German Shepherds etc.).

Without a written lease that lists items like late fees, attorney fees etc.

a judge may disallow those charges against a tenant. My observations come mainly from common sense than management experience.

The landlord should keep all written correspondence for possible future use in court.

The landlord could also at the time of sending out the original notice of the rules contract with a towing company to remove cars from the property if notified by the landlord.

If this procedure does not deter the offending tenant then the final action is to evict the tenant.

I would recommend an attorney be used for this type of action.

Which vehicle you choose depends a lot on what your goals are in investing in real estate. Very often the question of allowing service animals in your rental when your policy is ‘no pets’ is one that I have found some landlords don’t fully understand.

First, below is the definition of a service animal as stated by the federal government: “Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

It is located on Lake Ontario, has a very stable economy (home to Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox among others) and has been found of late, because of its affordable housing stock, a great place to invest your money.

Enough of my public service announcement, for further information you can contact the visitors’ bureau website at city of Rochester is a city where you can buy a single family home for as little as ,000 and expect a monthly income of at least 0/month or a 2 family property for ,000 which brings in a monthly income of at least 0-900/month.

If there isn’t a written lease then you could write up an individual notice of the rules regarding parking/use of the driveway etc.

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