Sedating your baby for flight mos def dating karrine steffans

Ask for a bulkhead seat so you have some room and get a seat for her so you don't have to have her on your seat all the time.And I admire your bravery to take her on a 10 hour flight.I am not judging you but I find it extremely unsettling that any mother would 'drug' their child for their own convenience.

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It was exhausting for me (I was on my own with her) but she was happy enough. I had to give it to my baby for a rash once upon rec. Yes, it made her fall asleep, but she woke up as soon as it wore off and was MISERABLE for hours afterwards. I just held my baby, put him in baby bjorn and he slept for a 7 hour flight.

Brought lots of kid friendly snacks, and little toys and he did wonderful he was about the same age.

That is incentive enough for her to try to rest..she usually zonks out. If baby takes a pacifier, bring that along as well.

All that sucking helps keep baby's ears from hurting, too. I flew 6 flights in one year from Denver to Melbourne Australia (over 24 hours of travel) and was nervous every time (3 legs without my husband).

If she sleeps, try to sleep at the same time to reduce your jetlag.

If you are on an overnight flight, then you will be fine, she'll get tired and sleep on her own once the novelty wears off.They have short attention spans, so as oftern as possible, get up and walk the aisles with her.People don't mind seeing happy babies and the like a smile.The temperature fluctuates tremendously on planes and it helps to be able to keep her comfortable to keep fussiness down. Honestly, I would not medicate my daughter for the flight.I have taken her to the east coast and to europe several times now and you just do what you have to do in terms of comforting them.She gets car sick on very long car rides, though, and I'd used it for her before so I knew she would sleep, not get revved up. Plus you have no idea what the reaction will be and the last place you want to be is trapped on an airplane with an emergency!

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