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In between these events, Taylor spends time at his home studio working on songs at what he cheerfully acknowledges to be a slower pace than in the past.

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He won a choral scholarship to Truro Cathedral School (his adult voice spans three and a half octaves), then secured a free place at a public school, Truro School, after which he started on a path towards dentistry at the London Hospital Medical School.

“The idea of having proper qualifications had been very much ingrained in me,” he recalls.

He would be completely covered by meat, then he would shift and make the meats move.

The idea was to freak people out, and at $125, he was good value, I thought!

If things had worked out differently, Roger Taylor could have been a well-off Surrey dentist with perfect hearing.

Instead of which, he’s a well-off Surrey rock star with defective ears.

I know that drummers tend to be the butt of a thousand jokes, usually from the uninformed and untalented, but I always felt I had an important role.

“To me, the drummer is the driver of the whole thing, the conductor.

Basically, you are surrounded by people whose living relies on you being well enough to perform.” Surely, though, looking back at all these images of bright lights, limousines, police escorts and adoring crowds, he rather misses that attention?

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