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"Legion," the FX Marvel series, wasted no time in getting its musical on.The cast hasn't sung, but there was an extended dance number featuring the main characters in the very first episode, and by Episode 6, Aubrey Plaza was performing a one-woman dance number that blew people's minds.

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Many of you won’t welcome the news that James Marsters, the actor behind ’s follicaly-fried erstwhile villain Spike, is to celebrate his fiftieth birthday this year.

Because if Spike’s fifty, it means we’re all getting old too. You may have followed the Scooby Gang since then in comic, animated series, or spin-off form, but many of us that day just gently closed the show’s eyelids, bowed our heads respectfully, and walked away. How has the past decade treated that gaggle of faux teenagers, big bads and librarians? Join us on a quick trawl through what Buffy et al did next… The show has just concluded its seventh season, and is to return in the autumn for another round.

Another nugget fondly trotted out by fans is that the actress and Sarah Michelle Gellar originally auditioned for each other’s roles, something which worked out in the end when Cordy left Sunnydale to become a founding member of Angel investigations with her very own slayer-ish powers (well, migraines, but she got to slay some demons at least).

A couple of good seasons went by before her character underwent some seriously weird treatment and left under a cloud the show’s producers are still yet to fully explain.

And it makes me able to give more to my professional life, because I have a whole separate life at home.

And I'm trying to give my kids as much of a regular life and understanding of the world as I can. I'll never find myself not re-watching that show for years to come.

But "Glee" aside, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are two-stepping down a road well-traveled.

Here are some other great musical episodes in TV history.

Her next move appears to be a more domestic one, as the actress is currently knocked up with her second child. In fact, Boreanaz is probably more recognisable to today’s TV viewing public for the crime drama, which has just been renewed for its eighth season, than he is as tortured soul/LA detective Angel.

There were forays into film, but most of them are best forgotten (his direct-to-DVD sequel with Tara Reid should be expressly avoided).

I must have watched it 10 times trying to figure out what was going on. What kind of perspective are your children growing up with, in regards to the film industry?

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