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I like him better as someone who just plans but has no real power.

Over powered Obito or Madara - they just never die because Obito is always intangible and Madara never seems to bleed no matter what all he is hit with.

Gai was only able to massively hurt him with all 8 gates. Plus they didn't need to kill EVERY Uchiha, only the ones actually involved in the Coupe d'tat attempt When Madara or Obito are revived or show up in a universe Naruto goes to Someone who posts one chapter and then three chapters of Notices after it telling everyone about a poll or some info they could have added to an actual chapter as Author notes only to abandon the story 2 chapters in or rewrite it and do the same thing over and over again Someone constantly abandoning a story only to take it back up the next day only to repeat the process over and over again Naruto x Devil May Cry (Demon of the Elemental Nations)Naruto x Yugioh GX (Naruto: Duelist of Numbers)Naruto x Adventure Time (Sage of Ooo)Naruto x Legend of Zelda (Ageless Guardian of Hyrule)Naruto x DBZ x Teen Titans (Jump City's Saiyan - Challenge by The Sith'ari)Naruto x Bleach (Bestia Carmesí de Konoha: Crimson Beast of Konoha - Challenge by pain17ification)Naruto x Negima (Rewrite - Fatherly Demon of Mahora)Naruto x Percy Jackson (A Primordial's Queen - Challenge by Memnon45)Naruto x One Piece (Death Surgeon Shinobi - Challenge by Teddy Vanderaa)Naruto x Avatar the Last Airbender (Monster of Ember Island - Story Adoption from XXX-Rated)Naruto x Hellsing (Naruto the Monster - Challenge by Sage of Fanfiction)Naruto x Percy Jackson (Rewritten - Son of Heavenly Rabbit - Challenge originally by Joseph Bertrand)Naruto x Girls of the Wild (Fox of the Wild)Naruto x Kim Possible (Sage of Infinite Possibilities)Naruto x Rosario Vampire (Shinju Snow)Naruto x Soul Eater (Rabbit and Fox Meister) (challenge by Alucard the Crimson Fu*ker)Naruto Regular Story (Naruto, Forgotten Child of Prophecy)Naruto x Soul Eater (Rabbit and Fox Meister) (challenge by Alucard the Crimson Fu*ker)Naruto Regular Story (Naruto, Forgotten Child of Prophecy)Naruto x Full Metal Alchemist (Creator of Alchemy - Challenge by Noctus Of The Thousand Blades)Naruto x Dead by Daylight Naruto x Persona 5Naruto x Familiar of Zero Naruto x Happy Lesson Naruto x One Punch Man Naruto x Soul Eater Naruto x Supernatural Naruto x Ouran High school Host Club Naruto x Dragonball ZNaruto x Durarara! Naruto x Maburaho Naruto x 6Teen Naruto x Harry Potter Naruto x High School of the Dead (Left 4 Dead & Resident Evil aspects)Naruto x Tiger's Curse Naruto x Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Naruto x Doctor Who Naruto x I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies)Naruto x Steven Universe Naruto x Artemis Fowl Naruto x Xiaolin Showdown Naruto x Bioshock Infinite Naruto x Katekyo Hitman Reborn Naruto x Young Justice Naruto x Daily Life with a Monster Girl Naruto x Fable Haven Naruto x Gravity Falls Naruto x Kim Possible Naruto x Zatch Bell Naruto x Ranma 1/2Naruto x Queen's Blade - Challenge by Syareoo2 Naruto stories - Challenge by Sage of Fanfiction Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Being a single father with two little girls is hard enough, but when there are monsters trying to kill them everyday, it's even worse.

Uchiha Massacre - Mikoto is one of my favorite character. - Challenge by Sage of Fanficiton Naruto x Bloodborne - Challenge by roxas1997Assassin's Creed x Percy Jackson - Challenge by 64th Van Sull Naruto x Batman Beyond - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Mass Effect - Challenge by Memnon45Naruto x Bleach - Challenge by Syareoo Naruto x Digimon - Challenge by Ninja Fang1331Naruto x Resident Evil - Challenge by Memnon45Naruto x Sekirei - Challenge by Lawrence Helmbain Naruto x Avatar the Last Airbender - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Inuyasha - Challenge by Teddy Vanderaa Naruto x Soul Eater - Challenge by Kiss-Shot Naruto x Ranma 1/2 - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Infamous Second Son - Challenge by Noctus Of The Thousand Blades Regular Naruto - Challenge by Syareoo Naruto x Digimon - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Sekirei - Challenge by Memnon45Naruto x Percy Jackson - Challenge by Syareoo Naruto x American Dragon Jake Long - Challenge by Purps JLNaruto x Warehouse 13 - Challenge by Domino Namikaze2010Naruto x Teen Titans - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Xiaolin Showdown - Challenge by Ambrose Kaguya Naruto Regular Story - Challenge by Kiss-Shot Naruto x Teen Titans - Challenge by Kilare T'suna Naruto x Lilo and Stitch - Challenge by Kfbanime87Naruto x Total Drama Island - Challenge by Kiss-Shot Naruto x Twilight - Story Adoption from Saito Uzumaki They say that you can't expect everything, so what would happen when a crazy secret is revealed? Pairings: Naruto x Hinata x Fem Sasuke, Neji x Tenten, Lee x Kin, more pairings coming along. Well, he loves them more than he loves himself, so he would just have to hope for the best and pray to the mothers of his children.

Timetravel Rin x Naruto During the final days of the second Giant war, Percy loses the one he loves and his purpose for living.

So he asks the gods for a task to challenge him and give him a new purpose.

If you do choose to consume it, do not then attack the creator if it wasn’t to your taste. Naruto's hair - I often like to change his hair to red as I always loved Kushina's dark red hair and since Naruto has Minato's eyes and skin tone I like to give him something of his mom's since he didn't get anything of hers in canon Haku's Gender - Haku is the only character in Naruto that I feel you can genderbend without changing him any.

Also his looks don't change since he looked so feminine to begin with.

Gender: Male Age: 22Birthday: February 27th Lives in Arizona, USA (NOT Canada, FF autodetects me up in Canada and keeps changing me back.

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