Robert pattinson dating nikki reed pictures

Now that Rob has a new partner who Nikki is a huge fan of, Rob wants to be friends with Nikki again.

He thinks she’ll be a great supportive friend to Twigs and realizes that the cause of his friendship breakdown with Nikki was because of Kristen ruining things for them.” FKA Twigs has informed Robert that under no circumstances is anyone that used to be friends with Kristen Stewart or from the Twilight franchise attending her wedding, and that list includes Nikki Reed.

The singer hates all things Twilight – including Robert’s former co-star Nikki Reed.

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that everything is going fine between them and all the rumors suggesting that they are kind of drifting apart are nothing but lies.“There isn’t a rush to get married.

Fall plans turned into winter plans and now there are no specific plans, but they still plan on getting married,” the source revealed.

You would think that Twigs would be all for inviting Nikki Reed to the wedding seeing as how Nikki and Kristen have been reportedly feuding for years – but that’s not the case.

Ironically, Nikki just bragged in a recent interview with Yahoo! Reed gushed about Robert’s fiancée, “I’m the biggest fan. It’s so rad that she’s with my co-star [Robert Pattinson] because I’m a true fan of her. She’s a true artist and always has been.” So, if Nikki Reed hates Kristen Stewart and thinks that Twigs is God’s gift to music, then why is she banned from the wedding?

I’m going to ask him if he can get an autograph for me. You would think that she and Rob’s new fiancée would be BFFs.

But FKA Twigs is super insecure when it comes to Robert and Kristen Stewart, and the legions of Twilight fans that want the two actors to get back together.

Ever since the news of their formal announcement has surfaced, fans have been wondering when and where the star couple will get married.

Earlier this year, their relationship status was under question after it was revealed that they’d put their wedding plans on hold.

And he finally got what he wanted.;)The reason I don't think there was muchbetween Rob and Nikki?

)But I always got a friend vibe from their pictures..of course Nikki trying too hard to be noticed.

Now Rob wants to reconnect with Nikki by inviting her to their wedding.

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