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It can also be helpful for the entire team to attend personality assessment activities, as this allows both managers and employees to learn about the dynamics of the group. Some companies provide opportunities for professional development as a way of improving employee retention, and taking advantage of these programs can help you continue to grow professionally while saving time and money.Investing time and money in professional development is the best way to ensure that you’ll continue to grow and move forward in your career. Author and career consultant Rich Grant notes that ideally, human resource departments would serve a function similar to that of college career services offices on campuses by helping employees find the right career fit.

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Of course, money helps too, and companies should budget money for employees to take courses or specialised training and attend professional events." If your company doesn’t fund professional development opportunities and you’d like to broach the subject with your boss, be sure do some research beforehand so you can provide the necessary information about how it will benefit the company, what sort of opportunities are available and how much they might cost.

Not all companies will see the benefit of investing in professional development opportunities for employees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself.

Attending conferences or hands-on workshops will give you a chance learn about the latest developments in your field and keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

It can also be a great way to meet and exchange ideas with other professionals in your industry.

Alternatively, you may want to branch out and learn something completely new in order to showcase your versatility as an employee.

Remember that the whole point of professional development is to continue learning and growing, so this should be your primary goal regardless of what you choose to study.

Although volunteering outside of work will require a considerable time commitment on your part, it can be an excellent way to master skills you haven’t been able to practice in your current line of work.

This can be especially beneficial if you’re thinking of making a career change and want to gain some practical experience in a new area.

"Whether that means helping employees find an appropriate fit inside the company or outside the company, it's in the companies' best interests to achieve that proper fit," says Grant.

"Human resources professionals should help match employees with mentors, and provide the mentors with the training and resources to make meaningful contributions on behalf of their protégés.

Once you’ve decided that professional development is right for you, it’s time to create a plan and start setting some goals.

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