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I did download some app about a week ago, and got a lot of offers to see the "prize" ... Most men on these sites don't want a relationship they just lie to get what they want and they are young to the old. I see so many profiles with nothing on them but phony pictures or ladies showing their boobs. In real life, unless you already know them or are introduced to them by someone you trust, you have no idea what you are getting into. One of the things that I have found with dating sites is that some people lie in their profiles too. It allows me to see the person interact according to their nature.

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Anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying to you or deluded.

The person that thinks it is shallow most likely has personal self-esteem issues they are trying to justify. Especially on these dating sites reading profiles looking at pics it's like car shopping lol quote I agree that some people perceive the same sites as a kind of shopping, some are just scammers and there's only a very small part of those who truly believe in getting teir second half.

Not going to do that though; I'll continue to try to find a real companion no matter what. After chatting with many guys to find out they love to put out there feelings of having someone but, they lie and either they just want money or dirty talk. I don't personally see the point in being untruthful, it's usually obvious the first time you meet somebody.

Some say to not try, or not look, and then love will come to you - utter B. No one will see or meet you if you just stay at home, which is much easier to do when older. First thing I look at, the photograph (ok I admit to being just a bit shallow), the second thing the profile, the description of the person and not just a list of hobbies.

I deleted the app after my picture kept getting MILF comments. I'm 55 yo, and still get as nervous as when I was a teenager when talking to a lady or asking one out. Short because so far, in every case, they have lied about something. Don't need it, don't want it and won't put up with it. It might take some time but I do believe it is possible.

Rejection still stings the same or worse, and with hundreds of rejections it should be like water off a duck's back, but it isn't. In fact I thing things are worse, because I ask more women that are out of my league, out of desperation thinking eventually one will say yes, but they never never do. Certainly not impossible, I've had two relationships in the last couple of years thanks to dating sites.

I pass right by photos and people that I do not find attractive.

I am not going to have a very good relationship of any kind with someone I can't bear to look at.

Is that too much information for just meeting someone?

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