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Lisa, in her confessional interview, not only agreed with what Mariah said but added that Quad dated men of ill repute for money.

Afterwards, a Hot Bi Babe came up to us and started flirting.

While a guest star in the bedroom wasn't an option that evening, I was amused (and flattered!

On Tuesday, in response to a tweet from a viewer who guessed that Quad is tired of Mariah’s “bootleg tomfoolery,” Quad said that she is.

Quad also called the video recap that a viewer did of the latest episode, in which he heavily criticized Mariah and Lisa for what they said about Quad,”well said.” Quad pretty much accused Mariah and Lisa of playing dirty just to bring her down.

We sometimes disagree with each other but that’s not going to be revealed in the public eye.

During a recent trip to Seattle, my nesting partner and I were out at a bar on Capitol Hill and sang some (ridiculously awful) karaoke.She wanted clout, she wanted friendships in the medical community.She was introduced to those things and now she feels as if I’m no longer needed.”“What Mariah’s telling me right now does not surprise me one bit.The practice of engaging in multiple romantic relationships simultaneously with the consent and knowledge of all parties.Poly means many, and amory means love, so this type of ethical non-monogamy usually focuses on having multiple loving relationships, which may or may not include sexual activity.Honey, Quad was working in a nursing home in Nashville.

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