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Dr Denis Ingham It is very effective, and has been very effective in reducing tooth decay. Ruben Meerman I'm here to see if you could check out my teeth, see how all the fillings are looking after all these years. NARRATIONUp until 2007, Townsville was the only place in all of Queensland that had fluoridated water.Journalist These apples are being attacked by some of the best teeth in Australia. In other States, all major population areas were covered. Maybe in a fluoridated area, if you had fluoride in the water supply, your curious experience would have been lower. NARRATIONIn a 1996 study, the teeth of children in fluoridated Townsville were compared with those in unfluoridated Brisbane, and the difference was clear.NARRATIONMerilyn Haines is a member of the anti-fluoride lobby. NARRATIONBut toxicologist Michael Moore strongly disagrees with the line taken by the anti-fluoride lobby. NARRATIONSo getting the dose right with water fluoridation is critical, just as it is when you treat water with chloride.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

***Editor's note: The broadcast incorrectly states that Townsville is the only place in all of Qld that had fluoridated water.

Fluoride, either in water or toothpaste, gets absorbed into the tooth enamel and forms a new, stronger mineral called 'fluorapatite'.

Dr Michael Foley And that stronger mineral is then more resistant to the acid that causes tooth decay.

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NARRATIONCiting financial concerns along with community pressure, more than a dozen councils have pulled the plug on fluoridation. Mal Forman When I was elected as mayor, I made a commitment to the public and my people that I would not support the fluoridation of our city. Stephen Bennett We all know that there's a few consistent things that came through.

But overwhelmingly they did have the issue of fluoride being seen as a poison. Uses - as an insecticide, particularly for roaches and ants. Woman 4'Cause it's a poisonous chemical, so I just don't believe in it.

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