Iransexchat - Potassium argon dating hominids

The sediment was also fossil-rich and often preserved partial skeletons of animals, implying that the researchers could potentially recover well-preserved and more complete fossils from the environment.

Recent advances in K-Ar geochronology, specifically the Ar dating has been a major factor in this success.

This grain-discrete method now permits precise and accurate ages to be measured on single grains and, thus, contaminating grains can be eliminated.

The recovery of these 216 hominid specimens is unique in African paleoanthropology, since the close proximity of the different fossils suggests that these were individuals who might have lived in a group or been part of the same family.

Of the 216 specimens, 197 were surface finds, and 19 were found within 80 cm in the ground, suggesting a common time of death.

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Further visits to AL 333 resulted in the discovery of 23 additional postcranial and 3 mandibular and dental specimens.

This increased the estimate from 13 to at least 17 individuals (9 adults, 3 adolescents, and 5 young children). In 2000, a complete fossil of the fourth metatarsal was recovered from AL 333. afarensis had transverse and longitudinal foot arches and therefore also had a very human-like bipedal gait.

The principal materials for dating East Africa hominid sites are volcanic ashes, yet many of these ashes are not deposited as primary air fall (Greek for ash).

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