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Then he uses your anger against you to prove what an irrational person you are. You may develop physical or emotional reactions to swallowing your anger, such as depression, nightmares, emotional numbing, or eating and sleeping problems, which your partner may use as an excuse to belittle you further or make you feel crazy.” ― Lundy Bancroft, “Often men who have been emotionally neglected and abused as children by dominating mothers bond with assertive women, only to have their childhood feelings of being engulfed surface. They will hate you when people in their life like you. In fact, even among women who have experienced violence from a partner, half or more report that the man’s emotional abuse is what is causing them the greatest harm.” ― Lundy Bancroft, “It's not fair. I don't know why he gets to be two people, and I only get to be me, the one who is here to take what he has to give, and who is here to pick pu the pieces afterward.” ― Amanda Grace, “I know that it's easier to look at death than it is to look at pain, because while death is irrevocable, and the grief will lessen in time, pain is too often merely relentless and irreversible.” ― Robert Goolrick, “Remember that you own what happened to you.

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This testing does not heal the wound of the past, it merely reenacts it, for ultimately the woman will become weary of being tested and end the relationship, thus reenacting the abandonment.

This drama confirms for many men that they cannot put their trust in love.

But I never wanted you as a lover because you were my dad. But the facts I am reading tell me there is a problem.

I never said no, I didn't want to hurt your feelings because you were my dad. I am sorry there are sick people in the world that need help, but it is their choice to get it.

“Usually adult males who are unable to make emotional connections with the women they choose to be intimate with are frozen in time, unable to allow themselves to love for fear that the loved one will abandon them.

If the first woman they passionately loved, the mother, was not true to her bond of love, then how can they trust that their partner will be true to love.

I have never fancied you or looked at you in a sexual way, never ever but you fancied me and looked at me sexually when I was your daughter and you were my dad. The organization: you need to change your policy and protect the flock. To Him, I believe it is a big slap in the face when you refuse to do the right thing. It seems they are a bunch of child molester PROTECTORS!

I lay there, stiff as a board whilst you rubbed yourself up and down on me until you came and you were my dad. So make a rule, “If you are molested or hear of a molestation, don’t hesitate, report to the police.” As for the congregation: You all need to take a stand and march for the right truth. So if you want to be a part of an organization that supports sickness, then go on.

I was 15 years old, you were 48 and you were my dad. Yes, the people have a problem, but the organization is the blame by covering it up, and making people stay silent.

I was tall and very beautiful, you were short and fat and you were my dad. Yes, praying might put you back in your personal relationship with God, but as for your mental health, you need professional help. Not only does it make the people of the congregations look bad but also Jehovah.

As if the abuse during the rituals were not enough, this child experiences similar abuse at home on a daily basis. She reaches out for help, but never seems to find what she is looking for The pain gets worse. When the feelings return, she is overcome with panic, pain, and desperation. Yet, when she looks around her she sees nothing that should make her feel so bad.

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