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Park at the Lake Fork dispersed campground and hike to the back of the campground.

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There are some great views from the summit (8,141') and you can scramble to Sawtooth Peak (8,875') or Snowslide Peak (8,522') from here.

The trail off the backside of the summit is not obvious, but with your back to the trail you just came up, go off the backside to the right, look for a tree with a trail sign for Maki Lake.

You can go straight and end up at the same place but the right fork has a steeper section that the mountain bikers like to avoid.

There's a small climb as you approach one mile, and then the trail returns to a gentle rolling trail.

Mc Call Smokejumpers cut out the debris in 2014 to re-establish the trail.

The trail passes through several meadows and stands of timber and eventually runs alongside the East Fork of Lake Fork creek.The return is fast and full of pedaling to keep your speed up. If you're new to technical, this is a great place to begin practicing.All those technical climbs are now your options of small rock drops and jumps. This is an out and back trail and the map only shows the "out" portion and not the "back".The huckleberry picking on this trail has been great the past couple of years; most of the pickers stay within a mile of the Lake Fork Trailhead.At approximately 10.1 miles, you'll come to a trail junction (it's well signed).The trail continues past the large creek for another mile of good, but challenging riding.

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