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Good place to start the night and it’s a good date spot too. Only thing is that it gets really crowded on weekends. The residence is really nice, safe, modern and new. Meeting Filipina girls is just as easy as in Manila .

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The local language is Cebuano also called Visaya, but Filipina girls speak basic to fluent English or Tagalog.

Try and find accommodation in this area: When staying in Cebu city you want to be near Juana Osmena Circle (pictured above). The Ayala and SM malls are all nearby as well so it makes a great central location.

Each year people say the traffic is getting worse and worse.

But for the time being its still better than Manila.

I would highly recommend for you guys to explore the secondary cities of this country.

Ideal Night Game Schedule: Sunday – Thursday: Club Holic and see where the night takes you. But the traffic, lack of tourist attractions and the overall stress of navigating the city is daunting.But, Cebu holds its own and has its own charm to it. I like to think of Cebu as a smaller version of Manila but with less traffic and closer proximity to the beaches. Especially on the weekdays, Mango Ave is basically the only nightlife option. Everyone speaks English, the weather is always warm/hot and the cost of living is cheap. Manila gets the most attention as it’s the capital city with the best nightlife. One of the only places you can skydive in the Philippines. It still has enough nightlife to make it worth staying in, and its right in the center of Cebu City. The Philippines is a very popular destination for men of all ages.Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines and personally my favorite city in the entire country.

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