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April 4 @ Scaleybark | April 5 @ Myers Park | April 14 @ Morrison Indian Folk Dance Participants will have a chance to observe a performance by local Indian dance troupe, Creativity Unleashed; learn about Indian culture; dress up in Indian clothing and practice a traditional Indian folk dance.

April 7 @ Matthews | April 14 @ Independence | April 28 @ Mint Hill Willkommen in Deutschland Expose your children to the magic of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, the Grimm Brother's stories and a variety of artistics and educational experiences representative of Germany and its childhood traditions.

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April 2 @ North County | April 5 @ Cornelius | April 28 @ Davidson One Love!

With Vanessa Brantley Newton Children will enjoy music by Bob Marley and a read aloud of the book by the illustrator, Vanessa Brantley Newton.

Also known as Día, this initiative emphasizes the importance of literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This year's celebration features Eric Velasquez, author and illustrator of picture books such as , which he considers one of his favorites.

This year's Día theme is "Día on Tour." Children and families are invited to visit all our branches and experience programs from Brazil, Jamaica, India, China, Germany and Zimbabwe. Eric was born in Spanish Harlem to Afro-Puerto Rican parents, and grew up in Harlem.

There is nothing more irresistible to the human heart than a Pinterest-style “No Regrets! It’s the feel-good flick of the season and you’re the star.

Give your legs some textured edges with Petite Fishnet Tights.

The process of correcting a lowering tights crotch (LTC) is never going to help me get a date.5. because pulling up shreddable material with very sharp nails is only going to end one way.6.

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