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This guide contains all the information regarding this migration process; It’s current status, what you need to do beforehand, what you need to do afterwards and some of the other major changes you need to be aware of.

As you may know, the mail service originated from the Hotmail mail service and is offered for free.

Microsoft also offers Exchange Online as a hosted mail solution via Office 365 for Business subscriptions.

There is a lot of feature parity between the two mailing services but the back-end is quite diverse and developing each feature twice isn’t the way to go forward.

This account is enabled for Lync 2013 (unlike the test accounts) but other than that, I can't think of any differences. Hmm, OWA seems to be out of commission (more on that below).

My 2010 environment uses webmail.as the external name for its resources. It looks like after the internal DNS record for webmail.was pointed to the 2013 load balancer, webmail has broken.

Oh, and you can now also enable your Out of Office or Vacation Notice via the Automatic Reply feature in Outlook.

This is something which you could currently only do via the web interface or EAS connection on your smartphone but not from within Outlook.

So I think I've got a namespace problem and also maybe an authentication problem? Dumb question: I assume I have to actually manually assign IPv6 addresses to the GC (or all DCs) and the Exchange server?

I also removed my mailbox's access from any other 2010 mailboxes. I used this command on 2010 to discover where I had full access permissions: Well I tried to upgrade to CU 8 hoping that that might help since the problem seems isolated to just my own mailbox. Upgrade failed saying that it can't set the shared config DC. Just to close the loop on this one: I added Min Suitable Server = "1" under the line Min Percentage Of Healthy DC = "50" in the file "microsoft.exchange.directory.config" in the CU8 setup folders and in the existing Exchange directory.

I'm primed to move everybody over to Exchange 2013.

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