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Perhaps nothing is more central to the social world than the concept of family.

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We also cover factors that influence families such as culture and societal expectations while incorporating the latest family relevant statistics. We make friends, live in communities, and connect to acquaintances through shared interests.

In recent times, social media has become a new way for people to connect with childhood peers, friends of friends, and even strangers.

So to get found — and chosen — by event-goers, you need to get creative with your event positioning.

Get to know your target audience, hone in on their interests, and use your insight to craft an experience they won’t want to miss.

, we found that Baby Boomers (born between roughly 1946-1964) attend an average of 7.7 dating events per year.

Interest is also evident when you look at search volume trends: the phrase “date ideas” gets searched over 60,000 times a month.

Historically, the most standard version of the traditional family has been the two-parent family.

Are there people in your life you consider family who are not necessarily related to you in the traditional sense?

Nothing tugs on the heartstrings like the song you danced to at prom.: If your event is not in a main metro, paint a picture of what people can do over a weekend in your event location. People like to plan ahead when it comes to travel, so this strategy works best if you execute it well in advance of your event.

Package up information and post it to your website or ticketing page: where should your guests stay? By doing the legwork for attendees, you not only make it easier for them to commit to traveling for your event — you make the event experience that much richer.

However, these families exist in many variations around the world.

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