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This is the established scholarly opinion of authentic scholars and the evidence on their legal stance is extracted from both the Quran and the Sunnah.

In the Quran for example God says in the story of Prophet Moses and the two girls, He said, "What is your circumstance?

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" They said, "We do not water until the shepherds dispatch [their flocks]; and our father is an old man." And from the Prophetic traditions, Abu Juhaifa narrated that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) allied in brotherhood between the Immigrants from Makkah (Muhajerin) and the helpers in Medinah (al Ansar) both Salman and Abu al Dardaa became brothers.

So one day Sulaiman visited Abu al Dardaa at his home and saw his wife and she was upset so he asked her “what’s wrong?

But it seems like they won't need that long -- Stevie tweeted Tuesday, "I love you Faith Renee Jordan," and Faith replied, "I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan." The couple had broken up last year -- but, you know what they say, break up to make up. Stevie avoided going to prison for failing to pay child support. He also battled a nasty child custody case with his ex, Joseline Hernandez.

Multiple sources at the ceremony confirm they tied the knot in their hotel room Tuesday night ... The clock's now running, they have one year to tie the knot.

Mulla ‘Ali al Qari in his book “Mirqat al Mafatih” said that seclusion with a woman in the street is not the same as seclusion with a woman in a house.

Sheikh al Shabramalsi al Shafi’i opined in his commentary on (Nihayat al Muhataj) that the prohibited private seclusion only occurs when the meeting of the two sexes is accompanied by a strong potential of temptation but if usually there is no room for temptation, seclusion is not prohibited.Also the Prophet’s wives used to teach male companions about juristic issues and convey God’s religion and the Islamic rulings on different issues.Volumes on the Prophetic traditions are filled with hadith traditions that are reported through the Prophet’s wives and the later generations of female companions and scholars who formed strong circles in the chain of narrating prophetic traditions along with delving into other Islamic sciences. When a little message popped up in the bottom right-hand corner of my screen saying “Hello, tall girl,” I screamed. I say “around” because I deleted so many of them immediately (having them sit in my inbox felt contaminating) that I cannot report with scientific precision the exact count. I actually think it makes me decidedly un-special, because to many of the messages’ authors I was clearly no more than one more female-looking thing who might be intrigued by the dashing brevity of a message reading only “sup? I had myself signed in to chat accidentally, because I didn’t even realize it was there. In a month on Ok Cupid, I received around 130 messages. Faith Evans and Stevie J are THIS close to becoming Mr. According to docs, the singer and producer filed for the license in Clark County on Tuesday.

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