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You'd think a swank joint like this could spring for a real box of crayons! Ron: [pushing Kim towards his motor bike] No, not to worry, I'll have KP back in time for dinner.

I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men.

(Cameraman starts to film as she talks) A lonely highway, a desperate mission. [turns and sees Kim and Ron already free and running away, followed shortly by an explosion.] Oh, come on! I mean, I haven't even gotten into my gloating yet, for Pete's sake!

Ron: Dating could be good, ya know, the date thing...

Ron: Bonnie has the nerve to challenge me after all I've done for the squad, after all I've done for her? Not to mention the pressures of maintaining my image. Like it was crazy to spend the family fortune on radical genetic mutation and dangerous experimental surgery? You had that skinny guy expose Adrena Lynn so she'd freak out and set up this whole 'Save Brick' thing, just to prove you dug me! If you just asked me out, that's cool, but this is too much. The paper liked my story so much, they're giving me a column! Next, you will be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Then, man-eating sharks and a giant squid will then be released into the water! Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant metal donut] Ahh, donut...

Ron: Try the demands of raising Rufus as a single parent? I may have done a tiny bit of rephrasing but, come on; you'd think a crime-fighting cheerleader would give a more interesting interview. Drakken: First, you'll be sealed in a reinforced titanium box. Two, The Holston Twins: they fell to number 3 on the "World's Richest Kids" list. Frugal Lucre: So anyway, I was in line behind Big Tony, you know with the glandular problem, and he takes two puddings, two! I tell you, the money this prison wastes, its criminal!

She slept with him during all of the 3 years they dated, until he broke up with her soon after they graduated from college.

She recently had an exciting night of sex with a guy she met in a bar who was incredibly attractive.

Two women step out of their front doors on a Friday night in New York City.

It is the middle of winter and a light snow is just starting to fall.

He had seemed interested in her - he was even affectionate in bed; but now he isn't calling.

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